Random Acts of (Christmas) Kindness

random acts of kindness

By Stacy Burnett

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
-Mother Teresa

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, our family has decided to perform a random act of kindness each day in December.  It’s part of an ongoing effort to emphasize and model for our kids the importance of giving without expecting anything in return.  In choosing our random acts of kindness, we involved our five-year old in the brainstorming session, which was a lot of fun.   As a family we were very deliberate about choosing only the ideas that we knew we could accomplish.  It was important to us to strike a balance between acts of kindness that can be done for free, those that require pre-planning, and those that require shopping or other resources.

After we agreed on the 25 random acts of kindness, I decided it would be fun to turn it into an advent calendar of sorts for the kids.   I printed out a card for each act of kindness, put the cards in envelopes numbered 1 through 25, and hung the envelopes on the wall.   For the next 25 mornings, the kids will open an envelope, we will talk about what is on the card, strategize about how we can accomplish it, and then we’ll rehang the card once the random act of kindness is completed.

random acts of kindness 2012

Here are a few examples:


I’m really looking forward to this and am excited about including our children in the process.  I know if nothing else, we’ll get to participate in the fun and joy that can be had in deliberately doing nice things for others.

Although I am far from a crafting expert, in the spirit of giving,  I’m sharing a .pdf of our 25 random acts of Christmas kindness in the event you’d like to try this with your family.   Although we observe Christmas in our home, these can easily be adapted, modified, and used by anyone who seeks to be kind and give selflessly this holiday.

If you follow us on Facebook and want to play along, we’ll be posting one random act of kindness each day in December.

Happy December and Happy Holidays!

Links to .pdfs here:

25 random acts of christmas kindness 2012  randomactsofkindess2012_tags


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