Generosity and Gratitude

By Stacy Burnett

The excitement of Thanksgiving is upon us!  I know at our house sometimes the frenzy of preparations can overshadow the real meaning behind the holiday.  This year, we’re trying to slow down a little and take more time to talk with our kids about the meaning of Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start setting the tone for a holiday season that focuses on giving, gratitude, and generosity.  This post by For Small Hands has some quick and easy ideas for including children in the season of giving.  I love the idea of including the kids, especially in the making of food and gifts, and sharing with others what they’re thankful for.

This year our children are old enough to understand and talk about the concept of giving thanks.   For Thanksgiving, they are making hand print Turkeys for each guest with a sentence or two about why they’re thankful for that person.  It’s been a wonderful (and easy!) project for everyone.  The making of the hand print artwork involves the kids in the holiday preparations while also keeping them occupied while we finalize things around the house.   The kids are excited to create unique keepsakes for our guests, and I’m excited that our children get the opportunity to think about, and write about, why they are thankful.

In preparation for Thanksgiving dinner, Living Montessori Now has a few suggestions on teaching children proper table manners for holiday gatherings.  As adults, we sometimes forget that table manners must be learned and practiced.   At dinner at our house tonight, we will do a run down and dress rehearsal for Thanksgiving dinner.  Our kids love to role-play and acting out a few scenarios makes demonstrating both acceptable and undesirable table manners fun and memorable.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of love, gratitude and joy!


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