about us: who we are and why we blog

Stacy. Here to share the love.

I’m Stacy.  I am a wife, mother of two, and an Architect by trade.  My children, ages 3 and 5, attend an AMI recognized Montessori school and are the resident Montessori experts in our household.  As for me, I am in the midst of my own Montessori journey.   What began as a twist of fate has transformed into a passion and a personal mission to share the brilliance and joy of Montessori with others.

I discovered Montessori by accident.   When we were looking for a preschool a few years ago, I visited a Montessori school near our house.  Although I knew very little about Montessori, my gut told me the school felt right.  I trusted my instincts and enrolled my daughter.   This mildly impulsive and mostly intuitive decision turned out to be one of the best and most transformative of my life.  It opened the door to the world of Montessori to me and to my family.  I’ve been in awe ever since.

The more I learn about Maria and her philosophy, the more inspired I become.  The more time my children spend with their Montessori guides, the more convinced I become that Montessori is the single best way to cultivate individuals who are both intelligent and humane.  It is my personal passion to share the genius of Montessori with others, especially parents, soon-to-be-parents, and want-to-be-parents.  I want to expose them to the truths and beauty of Montessori and to consider it for their own families.

I believe that Montessori is the greatest gift we can give to our children and to our planet.  This blog was born of a profound need to spread the word and share the love.

Audrey. Peace, Love & Montessori!

Hi, my name is Audrey Butters and I ♥ Montessori!  I have a six year old son, a three year old daughter, and baby #3 due in February.  My children attend an excellent AMI Montessori school where they are thriving, and I’m a stay-at-home mom who is always looking for ways to bring Montessori home.  While I write primarily from the parent perspective, I was a Montessori child and grew up in a Montessori family.  My mom is an AMI-certified children’s house guide and I attended Montessori schools through 7th grade.  I loved my experience of school, had a successful transition to public school, and became one of the top students in my class.  I always knew that my children would attend Montessori schools.  To further my studies and for use at home, I received the Infant/Toddler diploma from the North American Montessori Center and the AMI Children’s House Assistant Certification.  I have enjoyed guiding my children through the infant and toddler stages at home, and they have both had very successful transitions to Montessori children’s house at age 3.

I am inspired by how Montessori focuses on the whole child, teaching independence, social grace and courtesy, self-discipline and problem solving in addition to the academic skills necessary to succeed today.  I love that the Montessori Method implores you to “Follow the Child” and that, by having faith in the child, you allow them to become who they are meant to be.  As parents, we are stewards on our children’s journey as they create themselves, and it is such an honor!

I am contributing to this blog because I HAVE to.  I have so much passion for the Montessori Method and what it can do for our children and our society as a whole.  I have compassion for parents who want to learn more about Montessori but don’t have time to take courses or read Dr. Montessori’s books.  I want to help parents and children have success at home like they do at school.  As parents, we can’t do everything Montessori, but we all can do something Montessori.  My goal is to share ideas, discuss Montessori philosophy, and help parents feel confident living Montessori at home, however they can.

Together we can make the world a more peaceful and authentic place, and Montessori is the key.  I truly believe that!  I hope you will enjoy our insights, ideas and inspiration as you follow us on our journey to share the Montessori love!


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