Scientific research supports Montessori education.


For those parents who need more than anecdotal evidence that a Montessori education is effective, this post is for you.

(Questioning? Seeking out answers for yourself?  How very Montessori of you!)

In 2010, Dr. Steven J. Hughes, PhD, LP, ABPdN, a board-certified pediatric neuropsychologist, and a proponent of Montessori education gave a lecture titled “Good at Doing Things: Montessori Education and Higher Order Cognitive Functions”. 

In this presentation he ties what neuroscience knows about brain function and development in children to the Montessori approach to education.   

The video is almost two hours long.  If you seek more scientific support of Montessori’s observations and methodology, I suggest it is well worth the time to watch it in its entirety.  We found it parent friendly.  We watched it in two sittings.

Here’s a description of the lecture found on his website:

“In this highly visual, rapid-paced and entertaining talk, Dr. Hughes describes how Maria Montessori’s brain-based approach to education provides an unparalleled foundation for the development of academic, social, and executive functions critical for advanced problem solving and lifetime success. He shows how Montessori education parallels what we now know about brain development and fosters the development of advanced cognitive functions, social cognition, and such higher-order competencies as empathy and leadership. Presented around the world, the material in this lecture will soon be available in book form.”


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