Why Montessori?

Why Montessori?

It wasn’t until I attended a conference about the traditional Montessori approach to education that I realized that “Montessori” is more than just an approach to education.

At this workshop, the keynote speaker presented a lecture on education for the 21st century (full transcript here). He explained that in this century, schooling must be about more than just education in the sense of intellectual knowledge. It must be a way of life where the whole person is cultivated through the process – intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. He said:

“The type of individuals we bring up directly determines the kind of society we have.”

What he meant was that through a traditional Montessori education and lifestyle that children everywhere can be well-educated, wise, AND humane. Our children can work for the good of the whole to create a global mind.  An educated mind void of nationalistic tendencies can save our tortured planet.

The best part is, the Montessori methodology already exists to help us achieve the nurturing of the whole person.  Modern science has proved that what Dr. Montessori observed and implemented over 100 years ago really works.  All we have to do is implement it. 

Thank you Maria!

We can educate the children of the world and we could save the planet while we’re at it. 

Now if someone asks “should I consider Montessori?” answer them with a resounding YES!

Here’s why:

Besides being probably the best thing you’ll do for your child, your children can rescue humanity.


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